Water for Life

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literally change the course of life, not only for individuals and families, but entire regions.

Water for life is a ministry that works in communities with no access to clean drinking water. With teams in country, we drill new water wells where they will make the greatest impact. People, resources, connections and partnerships have been forged to create a truly unique approach to water well ministry.

The simple component of clean water creates a whole new paradigm for living by eliminating the physical suffering that keeps people from working, going to school, providing for their families and living a good quality of life.

You can be a part of the global movement of organizations and ministries who are dedicated to meeting this critical need. Be a part of something that has the potential to change an entire community for years to come. 

“Clean water and sanitation are among the most powerful preventative medicines for reducing child mortality.They are to diarrhea what immunization is to killer diseases such as measles or polio: a mechanism for reducing risk and averting death.” – United Nations Development Program, 2006.”