MANNA & The Children’s Foundation


Who is the children’s foundation?

The Children's Foundation has been a passionate group of people reaching out to children in needy and desperate circumstances since 1995. In 2018 TCF has joined forces with MANNA Worldwide who shares the same passion to care for children. Moving forward the orphanage, Casa Hogar Los Angelitos will play instrumental part in MANNA’s ministry to rescue children from the grip of poverty.

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Casa Hogar Los Angelitos

Casa Hogar Los Angelitos (CHLA) is a unique children’s home in Manzanillo Mexico. Children from infancy and up find a safe place of healing to call home.  Helping each child, regardless of previous circumstances, reach his or her full potential and dreams is the guiding principle. To break the cycle of poverty and positively change the life of each child is the ultimate goal. CHLA provides 24-hour care in a family-like setting, with emotional, mental and medical care, education, spiritual foundation, English and Expressive Arts classes.

“I realized during the early years of this work that providing nutrition for hungry children was life-saving and important. Empty stomachs need to be filled…. However, I knew that we needed to do more than rescue children and fill their stomachs. We needed to fill their hearts and their minds as well”

- Nancy Nystrom, Founder of TCF