Staff Video Creation FAQ's

MANNA will be creating a promotional video for you if you do not already have one created by a professional.


MANNA Staff Video FAQ's

  • Best practices: 
    • We will be creating a promotional video for you like the one you just watched above. If you already have one created by a professional please send it our way (pending approval).  
    • The point of this video is to share your personality, passion & explain why you do what you do. We will be cutting together clips of an interview (shot here in Fort Worth) along with clips of you working in the field or relevant b-roll. 
    • Please schedule a time with us (at least 1 month in advance) to shoot an interview. 
    • Please provide clips or photos of yourself/ your work if it meets the following requirements: 
      • High Definition (HD) video, we will not work with standard definition or low quality video. 
      • High resolution pictures. We will not work with low resolution files because they become pixelated when resized for video. 
      • A note on cell phone footage, we strongly recommend that you use a camera to gather photo & video. 
      • If you must use a cellphone, please film horizontally. WE WILL NOT USE VERTICALY SHOT VIDEO. Do your best to hold your phone as still as possible. If there is another person available, please have them shoot you talking to the camera instead of shooting a “selfie” video. 


The reason we have such strict requirements on media is to present you in the most professional manner possible. We have found in the past that having interesting and thoughtfully created content DRASTICALLY improves your chances of success. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16