Jason Harmeyer


My goal is to help Manna provide an even greater impact here in the United States as we continue to rescue children from the grip of poverty (physical, spiritual, relational, etc.). Some of the ways we are accomplishing this are the following: 1. The back pack programs partner with local churches to feed at risk children in communities across the United States. 2. Engage Camps help students understand the importance of intimately knowing the God that created them, loves them and has an amazing plan for their life. 3. The Equip Retreats encourage students avoid having a crisis of identity by helping them discover the “me” that God created them to be. 4. The E-Trips help students leverage their personal understanding and awareness of who God is and who they were created to be so they can best impact their world for Christ. 5. The Community Outreach and Disaster Relief accomplishes this by mobilizing churches to BE the church on mission. This is done by providing them with a wide range of products to help them play an active and in some cases a critical role in meeting needs within their own community. If you would like to know more about Manna USA please don't hesitate to contact me.